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Claritox Pro
Claritox Pro
Claritox Pro
Claritox Pro
Claritox Pro
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Claritox Pro

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Claritox Pro provides a blend of minerals and plants to maintain balance and reduce dizziness and the risk of falls. Zinc, Chromium, Green Tea, Berberine, Resveratrol, Milk Thistle, Cayenne, Korean Ginseng and Banaba are carefully selected to help support your inner balance. With this natural supplement, you can feel confident in your health and wellbeing.

Claritox Pro ingredients

●    Zinc: Zinc has been added to the blend because it is one of the essential trace minerals present in the body. It maintains normal brain function, has neuroprotective effects, and regulates the immune system. Zinc is important for maintaining optimum brain functions and reducing the problems faced by several elderly individuals today.

●    Chromium: Levels of chromium tend to decline as individuals age and cause several problems in the elderly. It is an important element that regulates healthy blood sugar levels, cholesterol levels, and much more. It also supports the functions of neurotransmitters and helps to keep the brain functions at their optimum.

●    Alpha lipoic acid: Alpha lipoic acid can cross the blood-brain barrier with ease. Hence, it helps to carry out the detoxification process by making sure the antioxidants can pass through this barrier. It can eliminate toxins like mercury from the brain and other toxic particles due to its sticky nature and ensure that these are carried out from the brain. It works best with vitamins and antioxidants, which provide an array of other health benefits.

●    Green Tea:  Green tea contains an essential compound called Egcg which is extremely beneficial for a healthy brain. These are a type of antioxidants that help to neutralize the effects of free radicals in your brain and hence reduce the damage that they cause. It is also beneficial for individuals who suffer from hearing impairment and supports optimum hearing in the elderly.

●    Berberine: This ingredient is commonly used as an antibacterial and antiviral agent that protects the body from infections. According to research, this ingredient also maintains healthy blood pressure levels and reduces the risk of heart disease.

●    Resveratrol: Research suggests that this ingredient is extremely beneficial for maintaining optimum brain health at all times. The amazing ingredient has shown the ability to slow down cognitive decline by as much as a decade. It improves overall cognitive performance and enhances performance effectively.

●    Milk Thistle: This ingredient is a powerful herb that protects certain types of cells present in your brain. These cells are called astrocytes and are responsible for maintaining your memory functions. Milk Thistle protects the cells in your brain in several ways as it contains neurotrophic elements. It reduces inflammation and protects against oxidative stress, which are leading factors for issues related to the brain. It also protects the nervous system and the brain from a certain protein that can hamper cellular communication.

●    Cayenne: This ingredient has been used for several health benefits that it provides. It puts an end to the pain that most elderly individuals experience. It contains compounds that protect heart health, maintain blood pressure levels, and assist your body in digestive processes.

●    Korean Ginseng: Ginseng contains several beneficial compounds that have different health benefits. However, it has been added to the blend due to its high content of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. According to research, this ingredient is beneficial for improving brain functions, behavior, and mood as it contains compounds like ginsenosides and compound K.

●    Banaba leaf extract: The extract from banaba leaves has been proven to be beneficial in several ways. Corosolic acid extracted from this ingredient is known for its ability to fight acute inflammation. It also contains phenols and flavonoids that help to neutralize the effects of free radicals and reduce the damage. Additionally, the ingredient is known for its beneficial effects on blood sugar levels, heart health, and much more.

Claritox Pro Benefits

● It provides support to elderly individuals who suffer from problems such as dizziness and difficulty maintaining balance while performing activities.
● It provides the body with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents to reduce the damage caused by free radicals and oxidative species in the body.
● It eliminates toxins from the brain and maintains neural communication effectively.
● It slows down cognitive decline by decades.
● It promotes and supports cognitive functions.
● It prevents tripping and falling, which could otherwise lead to serious injuries.
● It supports the nervous system functions and helps nourish every nerve in your body, so your balance remains steady.
● It helps you get up quickly, bend, run, walk, and do all your chores and work easily.
● It boosts mobility, flexibility, and balance gradually.
● It enhances the circulatory system, so every cell gets oxygenated blood regularly.
● It makes sure you never have a deficiency, even if you have aged.

What is the recommended dosage for Claritox Pro?

Claritox Pro is specially designed for adults who experience issues like lack of balance, dizziness, and much more that come as a function of aging.

Every bottle of Claritox Pro contains 60 capsules, each pack with amazing ingredients added to the blend. It has been recommended to take 2 capsules daily along with a glass of water.

However, it is important to remember that individuals who use other medications must consult a doctor before using the formula. The recommended time for using the formula and getting noticeable benefits is 3 to 6 months, as it takes time to heal your body from within.

If you’re an adult who has a severe illness or is on medication, consult a doctor before taking this supplement. It is not recommended for pregnant and lactating women and children. A normal adult can take Claritox Pro without any prescription or consultation, as it has no side effects and is 100% natural and safe for daily consumption.