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BioTrust Joint 33X
BioTrust Joint 33X
BioTrust Joint 33X
BioTrust Joint 33X
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BioTrust Joint 33X

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BioTrust Joint 33X is a joint health supplement that provides joint health and comfort with patented ingredients supported by multiple human studies. It contains UC-II® undenatured type II collagen, Mobilee® extract rich in hyaluronic acid, and AprèsFlex® Boswellia extract, all in a single small capsule taken once a day for optimized joint health.

What Happens to Joints as We Age?

Research shows over 40% of folks over the age of 40 are concerned or complain about their joints, and even more, it’s estimated that 80% or more of people who are 65 or older have some degree of joint wear and tear.

But even if it’s “normal,” it’s not “right.” After all, if your joints aren’t limber and healthy, that can limit your mobility, activity level, and independence and negatively impact your quality of life. Simply put, if your joints aren’t in tip-top shape, that can keep you from doing some of the things you love to do.

What exactly causes declining joint health?

Well, many of the same “negatives” that lead to other health problems can have a negative impact on your joints, including:

    Being overweight
    Getting older
    Not eating as well as you should
    Not being active enough and overusing/misusing joints

But what happens to joints as we age? Can a joint health supplement help?

Well, as we get older, there are three common factors that contribute to declining joint health and function:

1. The Collagen DECLINE

Collagen is the primary structural protein in cartilage—the spongy connective tissue that cushions the ends of your bones where your joints meet. Essentially, cartilage protects your bones from grinding against each other, bone on bone, which would be painful. As you age, however, less cushioning is available (particularly less type II joint collagen), leading to reduced joint comfort.

2. The DRY OUT

Hyaluronic acid is the chief component of joint fluid, also known as synovial fluid, which helps reduce the friction between bones by providing lubrication between cartilage. As cartilage decreases with age so do levels of hyaluronic acid and synovial fluid production, making it excessively difficult for joints to move freely—kind of like the hinges on a squeaky door.

3. The ATTACK of the Enzymes

Healthy levels of joint- and collagen-degrading enzymes, known as 5-LOX and MMPs, are important for normal, ongoing rebuilding of joint tissues. However, levels of 5-LOX and MMPs can grow in excess sometimes, which can cause collagen to decline even more.

In plain English, this means that people can experience joint discomfort when their joints aren’t getting the proper support they need—like the nutrients that form building blocks needed to support healthy levels of cartilage and proper lubrication in the joint.

The Problem with Most Joint Health Supplements

Unfortunately, the typical joint health supplement misses the mark, usually only addressing one of the joint health problems mentioned above. Even then, some joint health supplement ingredients are often marginally effective at best.

Take, for example, the most common joint health supplement ingredients: glucosamine and chondroitin. In one of the largest randomized controlled trials (GAIT), researchers randomly assigned 1,583 study participants to receive either glucosamine, chondroitin, both, an alternative intervention, or placebo for 24 weeks.

At the end of the 6-month study, the folks supplementing with glucosamine and chondroitin did NOT experience any greater improvements in joint function than the placebo group. In other words, the two popular joint health supplement ingredients glucosamine and chondroitin alone or in combination were not effective at improving joint health.

While that’s just one well-controlled study, a network meta-analysis (that analyzed the results of multiple studies) concluded that glucosamine, chondroitin and the two in combination did not relieve joint discomfort or improve joint health and function when compared with placebo.

Another big problem with other joint health supplements is that they often require taking many very LARGE capsules per day—often multiple times. Unfortunately, these are big hurdles to jump over as studies show that increased capsule size, capsule number, and frequency of taking capsules all negatively impact compliance, and if you can’t pop the right number of pills regularly, you can’t expect to reap the expected benefits of your joint health supplement.

What Makes Joint 33X the Right Choice for a Joint Health Supplement?

Thankfully, all hope is not lost. Just because many other joint health supplements miss the mark doesn’t mean we did too.

In fact, we developed a joint health supplement to address the three main factors to promote joint health and function, and we call it Joint 33X, a 3-in-1 joint health formula that features three patented, joint-nourishing ingredients that have been demonstrated to support joint health, mobility, flexibility, and function in more than a dozen human studies.

1. Support Healthy Levels of Collagen with UC-II®

For starters, Joint 33X joint health supplement features UC-II®, which provides a unique, highly effective form of undenatured type II collagen. Remember, collagen is the primary structural protein in connective tissues in the human body, including bones, cartilage, skin, and tendons, and it’s the wearing down of type II joint collagen that is associated with reduced joint health and function.

Four separate studies have tested the mettle of UC-II®, which has been shown to support joint health and mobility by supporting healthy levels of collagen. Even more, UC-II® has been shown to be more effective at improving joint flexibility and function than the popular joint health supplement ingredients glucosamine and chondroitin in head-to-head research.

2. Support Joint Comfort with Mobilee®

The next all-star ingredient in Joint 33X joint health supplement is Mobilee®, a natural hyaluronic acid matrix ingredient extracted from rooster comb containing a high concentration of hyaluronic acid, an important joint lubricant that decreases in quality and quantity with age.

Mobilee® also provides other joint-nourishing compounds, including polysaccharides (e.g., glycosaminoglycans) and collagen. Thanks to the synergistic effect these three naturally-occurring components, Mobilee® is a cutting-edge ingredient that provides support for joint comfort. The joint health benefits of Mobilee® have been demonstrated in a half-dozen human studies.

3. Support Healthy Levels of Collagen Enzymes with AprèsFlex®

Finally, Joint 33X joint health supplement features AprèsFlex® Boswellia extract, which targets mediators (such as 5-LOX and MMPs) of comfort and flexibility. By supporting normal, healthy levels of these compounds, AprèsFlex® supports healthy joints and connective tissues.

Two separate human studies have confirmed the potential of this next-generation Boswellia extract. Even more, research shows that study participants experience results they can feel as little as 5 days.

What's more, Joint 33X joint health supplement provides support for results you can feel in less time than you might think with just ONE small capsule you take ONCE per day.

Simply put, we truly believe Joint 33X sets the bar as the best joint health supplement, and we’re confident that you’ll agree!