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Simple Promise Simple H  is a potent, fast-acting formula of 28 herbs and minerals designed to heal the toughest hemorrhoids.

This revolutionary formula is perfect for those who suffer from multiple hemorrhoid symptoms, including:

Painful Bowel Movements

By using a unique new delivery system that maximizes ingredient absorption, Simple H™ works almost immediately to give you comfort and relief. There is simply no other formula out there like it.

What’s more, Simple H™ is a cream, not a gel, so it spreads easier and isn’t sticky. There’s no irritating fragrances or dyes. It doesn’t stain your clothes. And it stays in place.

Simple H Ingredients:


The most important ingredient in this entire formula is calendula, which is sometimes called “Mary’s Gold” because its magical healing has often been associated with the Virgin Mary. When consumers apply it to their wounds, it can stop pain, bleeding, and infection rapidly. It quickly improves how fast the user heals while decreasing swelling. It takes care of inflammation and rejuvenates the cells. Considering the substantial inflammation associated with hemorrhoids, calendula is more than equipped.

Another major reason that calendula is so helpful is that it can help with collagen production. According to a widespread review of over 1,400 studies, researchers learned that individuals with more calendula in their body had about 25% more collagen than people who didn’t. This same review found that any wound that was treated with the ingredient created 108% more collagen than before.

While aging is often associated with a faster breakdown of collagen, calendula is also associated with the slowing and prevention of collagen breakdown, maintaining the results after this formula has been applied. Calendula is rich in antioxidants, and it has the power to reduce the risk of fungal or bacterial growth.

Phenylephrine Hydrochloride

To combine with calendula, the creators at Simple Promise offer phenylephrine hydrochloride, though it is commonly referred to as PHC instead. Its most common use is to decongest the sinuses, but it can also alleviate the congested tissue in hemorrhoids. This ingredient is sometimes used in the ICU for serious issues, and it was one of the many ingredients that Sharon directly recommended to patients who would come in with hemorrhoid-related issues.

As soon as this ingredient is applied to hemorrhoids, it starts alleviating the swelling and relaxes the tissue to trigger healing. Users won't have to deal with the pressure that hemorrhoids place on sensitive skin, and they can start feeling comfortable again. Relief and healing finally commence effectively to stop the discomfort.

Licorice Root

Licorice root is crucial to the healing process. Often used in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine as a soothing herb, this root can help with almost any health issue that the individual needs to fix. The natural antioxidants in it can alleviate inflammation throughout the body, which is a common theme among the ingredients that soothe hemorrhoids. It even has anti-tumor and antimicrobial benefits.

According to the current research on licorice root, it is frequently used by menopausal women to alleviate the symptoms that this change brings on. It kills off cancer cells but is particularly aggressive against colon cancer. Research also shows that applying licorice stops bleeding as quickly as it stops the pain and itching.

Cucumber Extract

Cucumber extract is a great way to reduce swelling and provide a cooling effect on the tender area near the hemorrhoid. When used properly, cucumber can help consumers reduce pain, heal from inflammation, and reduce the sensation of burning. Cucumber extract couldn't be a better match because all of these concerns impact someone with a hemorrhoid. In fact, some studies indicate that cucumber extract can reduce the risk of constipation as well.

Cucumber is filled with the same type of plant-derived steroids that licorice root offers. That means that any remedy that includes it will work in the same way that hydrocortisone cream can alleviate it.

Witch Hazel

Witch hazel is the final ingredient on this list, and it has been shown to have a positive effect on hemorrhoids, according to the European Scientific Cooperative on Phytotherapy. In fact, the Food and Drug Administration has approval from the Food and Drug Administration as a medicinal plant. However, supplements do not have to get approval from this authority.

Many skincare products feature the use of witch hazel, though it is often watered down. When it is diluted, it only provides some of the support needed. Native Americans have used it for centuries as a treatment for inflammation and swelling, while other cultures used its healing power for skin ulcers and sores. Even Potawatomi found that the twigs can be used to help with muscle soreness when warmed.