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Rescue Hair 911 - Advanced Hair Nutrition

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Rescue Hair 911 is an advanced and super-unique formula that gives you the absolutely highest quality of ingredients in an all-in-one solution to control hair loss, all in the perfect amounts that deliver the safest and most effective results no matter how much hair you've lost.

Rescue Hair 911 Ingredients:

Saw Palmetto:  Saw Palmetto is a powerhouse hair restoring ingredient times THREE!
One, because it stops hair loss cold.
Two, because it is proven through countless studies to gut-punch hair loss big time.
And three, because it can ‘excite’ your hair cells again which contribute to fuller, thicker and longer hair.
Pygeum Bark Extract:  Pygeum Bark targets DHT to essentially deactivate it before it ever reaches the hair follicles.
Reishi Mushroom Extract
Plant Sterol Complex
Pumpkin Seed Powder
Vitamin E
Vitamin B6                   
Cat’s Claw Bark
Broccoli Leaf
Red Raspberry
Shiitake Mushroom
Graviola Leaf Powder
Green Tea Leaf
Maitake Mushroom
Stinging Nettle Leaf Powder
Tomato Fruit Powder

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