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PurpleBurn Pro
PurpleBurn Pro
PurpleBurn Pro
PurpleBurn Pro
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PurpleBurn Pro

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PurpleBurn Pro is an advanced supplement that helps you achieve your weight loss goals in a healthy manner. It helps maintain the health of your digestive system, providing you with the essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients needed to reach your goals. Its formula is designed to support your metabolism and boost your energy levels, enabling you to stay active and make healthier choices.

PurpleBurn Pro activates the immune process that leads to slimming through a unique compound called GHG that helps the leaves survive the brutal droughts and weather conditions of Africa. Combined with 13 other powerful ingredients, we believe this is the key to solving the obesity crisis worldwide.


Kenyan Purple Tea

Rich in unique anthocyanins
Helps speed up calorie burning
Supports a healthy metabolism


Rich in nutrients
Incredibly nutritious
Source of unique anthocyanins


Rich in flavonoids
Rich in phenols
Helps fat metabolism


Helps with fat breakdown
Rich in Vitamin C
Supports blood health

Oat Fiber

Boosts the feeling of fullness
Helps reduce appetite
Excellent source of fiber


Strong prebiotic
Supports gut health
Helps with weight loss

Purple Carrot

Full of powerful antioxidants
Supports heart health
Balances immune response


Supports lower BMI
Rich in strong antioxidants
Full of active polyphenols

White Kidney Bean

High nutrient density
Low calorie count
Helps reduce hunger


Strong antimicrobial properties
Freshens breath
Supports restful sleep

Green Tea

Helps increase metabolic rate
Rich in polyphenols
Full of antioxidants

Bitter Melon

Supports steady weight loss
Great immune support
Boosts blood flow


Helps maintain a healthy weight
Supports normal blood sugar
Strong antibacterial properties


Helps with immune response
Anti-inflammatory properties
Supports heart health

(Watch out for fake counterfeit supplements on Amazon, disguised at genuine authentic brands when they are imitations. I'm pretty shocked there aren't more processes in place to police this. I'd imagine this is more rampant than we even know.)