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Progenifix is designed to help maximize weight loss results using a mixture of natural, science-backed ingredients. The formula also has secondary benefits, including promoting overall wellness and vitality and assisting your immune system.

The three key benefits of Progenifix, according to the official website, including:

Support weight loss
Promote wellness and vitality
Support immune system

Progenifix Exclusively offering natural ingredients, the Progenifix formula includes the following mushrooms:

●    Royal Sun Agaricus
●    Cordyceps Sinensis
●    Chaga
●    Lion's Mane
●    White Button

Read on below to learn a little more information about each of these mushrooms.

Royal Sun Agaricus

Royal Sun Mushrooms are incredibly supportive of the immune system and its response to potential health threats. With a high abundance of immunomodulating polysaccharides, consumers inherently reduce their risk of infection, allergic reactions, and even asthma, according to early research with mice. It can also reduce inflammation, especially for consumers with inflammatory bowel disease.

Initially found in Brazil, these mushrooms can now be found in China, Japan, and the United States. In all of these locations, they are used as food and medicine to fight against tumor growth and provide antioxidant support. These mushrooms are so powerful medicinally that they can reduce the risk of hay fever, cancer, heart disease, and other conditions, but research is still being performed to learn more.

Though this mushroom is safe for up to a year every day, some people might experience diarrhea, nausea, and discomfort.

Cordyceps Sinensis

Cordyceps Sinensis is a common mushroom, and traditional healers use it in Sikkim. These experts believe this mushroom can help with all kinds of ailments when treated like a tonic. With the proper preparation, the creators sometimes use it to boost energy, regulate the appetite, and promote better endurance and stamina.

All of these benefits play an essential role in losing weight. With more energy and endurance, consumers inherently burn more calories as they work out or do nothing differently. With a lower appetite, users will consume fewer calories, naturally creating the calorie deficit needed for weight loss. By sleeping better, the brain and body can go through all the repair processes to eliminate damage from cortisol production, toxins, and more.


Based on current evidence, Chaga mushrooms have antioxidants that can soothe arthritis and reduce high blood pressure. This mushroom eases inflammation throughout the body, including the stomach lining and the joints. By dealing with inflammation, consumers can adequately digest their food without pain.
Consumers will also find that using Chaga mushrooms helps reduce high blood sugar levels. When the body experiences a lot of glucose and insulin in the bloodstream, the body automatically stores the sugar in the liver and muscles first. However, when there is no more space in these organs for the sugar, the body converts it into fat, causing weight gain. Consumers are more likely to lose weight by dealing with blood sugar issues.
In some cases, Chaga mushrooms have been known to slow down cancer cell growth.

Lion's Mane

Lion's Mane Mushrooms are quite a sight to see, and they are just as beneficial as they are interesting to look at. Current research links the use of lion's mane mushrooms to preventing problems like dementia, heart disease, and cancer. When used by animals, this mushroom reduces the risk of diabetes as well.
Many of the benefits consumers reap with Lion's Mane Mushroom are in the brain. The soft compounds can reduce the mild symptoms typically associated with anxiety and depression. Still, it also helps users to repair nerve damage to eliminate pain and restore feeling.

With the plentiful antioxidants offered, lion's mane mushrooms greatly help the immune system. It reduces inflammation throughout the whole body, and some consumers reduce their risk of developing an ulcer because they consume it.

White Button
The final mushroom of this blend is usually found in the produce section of even the smallest grocery stores – white button mushrooms. They embody what consumers often think of when they hear "mushrooms," but they can also greatly benefit the user's health.
White button mushrooms have a high amount of B vitamins, which can help the user protect their heart from damage. They also have a ton of vitamin C and selenium to support the immune system.

Buying a Bottle of Progenifix

The only way consumers can order Progenifix is by visiting the official website . While three options are available for the packages, only consumers who demand the most significant quantity (6 bottles) will get free shipping on their purchase.

The available packages include the following:
●    One bottle for $69
●    Three bottles for $177 ($59 per bottle)
●    Six bottles for $294 ($49 per bottle)

If the user isn't happy, they can get their money back within the first 60 days after purchase by contacting customer service via email at

Frequently Asked Questions About Progenifix

Q - What can consumers expect when they use Progenifix?

A - The initial feeling with Progenifix is that consumers start to feel better. It helps them improve their energy levels, making it easy for them to think clearly and get the sleep they need. With all these components, most people feel unstoppable before losing their first pound.

The following change in their body still isn't weight loss. Instead, users notice improved luminosity in their skin and face to make them look and feel radiant. Fine lines and wrinkles fade, making the user look exponentially younger before they start purging unwanted body fat. Users can lose any weight they desire as they keep up with the regimen.

Q - How often should the Progenifix formula be taken?

A - Users must take two capsules daily to get the desired results. The best time of day to use it is in the morning.

Q - What does Progenifix taste like?

A - Nothing! Even with the plethora of mushrooms, consumers won't have to worry about taste because it is condensed within the capsules.

Q - How long will users have to keep using Progenifix?

A - Since every person starts at a different place in their weight loss, they also have different paces that they go at in their progress. While the total amount of time the user needs to stick with Progenifix will change, most of the initial progress will be noticeable in the first week. Sticking with this regimen for any time is beneficial, but users who commit to using it for longer will see the most intense changes.

Q - Is it possible to purchase Progenifix from a different store?

A - No. The creators want to ensure that users can get the best price possible, which is why the only place that consumers can purchase Progenifix is on the official website.

Q - What should the user do if they lose weight too quickly?

A - This formula is a highly effective remedy, which is why some consumers might grow concerned about how quickly they shed pounds. If this rate of weight loss is overwhelming or even alarming, they can cut the dose to no more than one capsule a day.
If the user isn't losing weight fast enough, they can increase how much of the formula they use instead.

Q - What is the best number of bottles to order?

A - Each bottle contains enough Progenifix formula to last through an entire month, meaning users should purchase the same number of bottles as the number of months they want to use it. Taking the formula for 3-6 months reaps the best rewards, giving users the best price on their order.

Q - What if the formula doesn't work for the user?

A - If the user finds that the Progenifix formula doesn't help with their weight loss, they can get a full refund with a money-back guarantee within 60 days. A refund can be established with the customer service team before sending back any products.

Q - Will users still be billed after they place their order?

A - No. Once the user places the order, they will only be charged again if they submit another order. Otherwise, there are no subscription options available.

Q - Why is it essential to order right now?

A - The website currently has a heavily discounted opportunity for consumers, and the risk of selling out is incredibly high. The customer service team can be reached with any other questions or concerns by sending a message to


Progenifix provides consumers with a way to lose weight with natural support that helps the entire body. With its plentiful antioxidants, consumers remove the potential contaminants that could put their health at risk, but they also focus on eliminating fat by reducing their appetite. The formula doesn't require that users engage in a diet as well, but some consumers notice a distinct improvement in how much weight they lose when they combine Progenifix with a healthy diet. Visit the official website to order Progenifix today!

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