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Ocuprime is a unique blend of 24 powerful natural ingredients that help support vision health, making it easier to enjoy your favorite activities. Created by Dan Trout, a lifelong eye enthusiast, it's the perfect solution to keep your eyes healthy.

Ocuprime Ingredients

Ocuprime contains over 20 ingredients, which work together to optimize eye function and protect the eyes against all forms of environmental damage. Ocuprime contains safe, clinically-tested ingredients that have been well-researched and tested. Here is a list of Ocuprime's primary ingredients:


Lutein, a carotenoid found in the eye of a human being, protects your eyes from oxidative damage. It protects your eyes against high-energy light waves, which can cause blindness in dim lighting. Supplementation with carotenoid can help improve color vision and visual acuity because it is concentrated in your macular region. Lutein is a potent anti-inflammatory agent that can protect your eyes from allergies, irritation, injury, and trauma to the eyes, eyelids, or surrounding tissues.

Bilberry Extract

Bilberry is a plant that looks similar to the American blueberry. It can improve vision and prevent the gradual loss of sight for people with glaucoma. It can also reduce symptoms such as eye fatigue like irritation, redness, mild headaches, muscle spasms, blurred vision, double vision, blurred eyes, or inability to keep your eyes open, light sensitivity, eye strain, eye pain, eye swelling, and redness.

Alpha Lipoic Acid

Alpha-lipoic Acid is a natural antioxidant found in the human body. It boosts the activity of lacrimal Peroxidase, an enzyme that stimulates the production and production of tears. It also restores lacrimal production to decrease eye dryness. Alpha-lipoic acid protects the eyes from diabetic retinopathy. It has a neuroprotective effect on the retina that prevents free radical damage.


Eyebright, an herbaceous flowering plant, has a long history of medicinal uses. It is infused with quercetin and luteolin to prevent symptoms such as watery eyes, redness, swelling, and redness. Eye irritation, inflammation, and itching have been treated with eyebright for centuries.


Zeaxanthin is a yellow-colored carotenoid that is found in the eye macula. It protects your eyes from light-induced damage as well as oxidative stress. Zeaxanthin is an eye vitamin that protects the eyes from harmful stimuli by creating a yellow-colored shield. It can also enhance color recognition and other visual perception features.


Quercetin, a flavonoid found in many fruits and green leafy veggies, may have neuroprotective properties that can improve vision impairment due to optic nerve damage. It also has potent antioxidant, immunomodulatory and anti-carcinogenic properties. This chemical may be helpful against glaucoma and other ophthalmic conditions such as strabismus, cataracts, glaucoma, strabismus, and diabetic retinopathy.


Rutin is a plant pigment in certain fruits, vegetables, and other foods. It aids blood circulation by increasing blood vessel flexibility. It is suitable for eye health as it strengthens and nourishes fragile capillaries. A subconjunctival hemorrhage is a condition in which capillaries burst beneath the eyes' surface. It can be prevented by taking a supplement form of rutin for several months. It has strong antioxidant properties and anti-inflammatory qualities that protect the eyes from oxidative stress and inflammatory symptoms such as swelling and reddening.


Taurine is an amino acid found in the retina of your eyes. It protects your eyes from retinal degeneration and other eye conditions like diabetic retinopathy or glaucoma. A deficiency in l-taurine may cause rod photoreceptor degeneration, which can lead to dim-light vision impairment. Total blindness can result from complete depletion. The amino acid symmetrically affects both eyes.


Lycopene, a carotenoid found in grapefruits and tomatoes, can inhibit the breakdown of proteins and fiber in the eye lenses to prevent or delay cataract formation. It can also reduce the risk of macular damage.

Grape Seed Extract

The grape seed extract is rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory substances that reduce oxidative stress and improve blood circulation. It may also contain large amounts of oligomeric anti-inflammatory agents that can help delay or prevent macular degeneration.


Beta-carotene is an eye vitamin that helps produce pigments and allows you to see all colors. It helps your eyes convert light into signals sent to the brain. This will improve your ability to see in dark or low light.

What Are The Various Health Benefits Of Using Ocuprime?

Ocuprime Helps In Boosting Your Eye Health
Ocuprime helps in restoring your healthy vision by boosting your eye health. With its potent formula of lutein, eyebright, quercetin, and others, the supplement helps in reducing free radical damage and reduce oxidative stress, which are the major factors for your eye damage caused due to eye dryness and other factors.

All the nutrients in this potent formula work together to protect your eyes from the damage that can be caused due to being constantly exposed to multiple environmental pollutants. They also help in reducing the risk of age-related eye conditions such as cataracts, developing glaucoma, and others.

Ocuprime Helps To Restore Clear Vision
Clear vision is a luxury for everyone out there, given their busy lifestyle and unhealthy diet. People wear glasses to help them see things as their natural vision is significantly deteriorating. Poor eyesight is not something surprising, and Ocuprime helps you in dealing significantly with the same.

With its ingredients like grape seeds, magnesium, rutin, and others, it restores your optic health and restores moisture balance.

Ocuprime Vision Support Formula Helps In Preventing Macular Degeneration
Age-related macular degeneration is a common eye problem everyone goes through. The increasing amount of light damage, oxidative damage, and others disrupt eye health and affect the central part, the retina of the eyes leading to poor vision.

Rich in various vitamins and minerals, Ocuprime helps in dealing with macular degeneration with its potent formula of ingredients like lycopene, bilberry, lutein, and others.

Ocuprime Prevents The Chances Of Developing Early Cataracts
Cataracts are one of the most common problems that are seen in both adults and old age people. The lifestyle demands of everyone have made them run behind schedule in maintaining their health or their crucial organs.

With the proper use of Ocuprime, you can reduce the chances of developing early cataracts as it will help in optimum cell growth in your body. One of its ingredients, called rutin, helps to improve blood circulation in your body and help in boosting your overall eye health.

Ocuprime Helps In Reducing Oxidative Stress Damage and Improving Night Vision
One of the major primary benefits of Ocuprime is that it helps to reduce oxidative stress damage and help to improve eyesight. Your night vision can get greatly affected by constant blue light damage as it can strain your eyes and make them dry, and cause discomfort.

Therefore, with Ocuprime, you can counter all these eye-related problems without having to worry about anything else. As per one Ocuprime review, the supplement didn't only help them maintain optic health but also prevented vision loss due to the damage caused by dim light or free radical damage.

How Well Does Science Back The Ingredients In Ocuprime?

In a study, the effects of lutein supplementation on visual performance were investigated by a single-blind randomized clinical study consisting of 262 healthy adults from 40–65 years of age.

After 12 months, participants who took a 10mg/day lutein supplement had significant improvements in visual acuity than those taking low doses of lutein (1–5 mg/day).

This effect was maintained even after 6 months after the end of the supplementation period. Additionally, this study indicated that a 40 percent reduction in risk factors associated with macular degeneration is achievable through regular intakes of lutein supplements over the span of two years.

Another study looked at whether or not Eyebright could improve macular vision in patients with age-related macular degeneration (ARMD). The participant's ability to read was tested before and after using Eyebright extract topically over a period of three months.

After 3 months, 78% of patients observed improvement in their reading speed compared to baseline levels before taking Eyebright extract – showing promise as an effective treatment for ARMD.

In recent years, numerous clinical studies have also demonstrated the potential efficacy of bilberries on eye health.

One study conducted in 2009 looked into the relationship between dietary intake of bioactive compounds (including anthocyanins) from berries and oxidative stress-induced retinal damage.

The researchers found that high-dose supplementation with anthocyanin-rich bilberry extract was protective against various forms of oxidative damage to the retina due to blue light exposure and age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

According to a 2019 study published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition, people whose diet included high levels of lycopene, one of the ingredients in Ocuprime, had a lower prevalence of age-related macular degeneration (AMD), an ophthalmological condition causing gradual loss of central vision.

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