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Nervogen Pro
Nervogen Pro
Nervogen Pro
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Nervogen Pro

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Nervogen Pro is formulated specifically to relieve the painful symptoms of neuropathy. It contains natural ingredients that can help reduce tingling, shooting pain, and hot and cold sensations. The formula is designed to help anyone suffering from nerve damage, especially those caused by diabetes, live better.

Nervogen Pro Ingredients

Passionflower is a traditional cure used by the Asian community to treat certain health conditions. Studies show that passionflower improves nerve health, eliminates insomnia, and reduces stress. It can also restructure the nerve network, thus helping you stay healthy and fit even in old age.

Marshmallow Root
The marshmallow root is popular because it reduces inflammation and improves nerve function. It also contains potent compounds that assist in combating stomach ulcers, diarrhea, and constipation.

People with urinary tract inflammation can also benefit by taking marshmallow root. Other benefits include:

It cures problems that cause itching
It speeds up the wound-healing process

Corydalis is a popular ingredient used to prepare several Chinese medicines. It contains purification properties that effectively treat and prevent mental disorders such as depression and emotional disturbance.

A recent study revealed that corydalis could help improve nerve function and reduce limb tremors. Doctors also prescribe corydalis as a tranquilizer since it is a natural relaxant.

Prickly Pear
Prickly pear is a herbal medicine used to treat various health conditions. It contains specific nutrients that control blood sugar and maintains healthy cholesterol levels. It also helps fight inflammation and speeds up the recovery process after exercise. It is also packed with antioxidants that help eliminate toxins that accumulate in the skin layers.

California Poppy Seeds
California poppy seeds are popular in the United States and Asian countries due to their medicinal properties. Studies reveal they can help in relaxing the nervous system and mitigate pain resulting from insomnia. It also helps maintain a healthy kidney, bladder, and liver.

The seeds contain alkaloids that offer nootropic benefits to users. Therefore, users will experience better memory and enhanced focus.

Benefits of Nervogen Pro Supplement

It promotes better sleep by relieving stress and anxiety
It helps ease muscle tension
It boosts overall immunity
It helps get rid of toxins that can cause nerve damage
It relieves pain in the legs and hands
It regulates blood sugar and pressure
The supplement is safe for use by everyone above 18
It improves cognitive functions hence promoting better memory and focus