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Cardio Shield

Cardio Shield

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Cardio Shield is a premium supplement containing natural ingredients such as Hawthorn Leaf, Olive Leaf Extract, Green Tea Extract, and Garlic. Produced by Apollo Research in the U.S., these ingredients work synergistically to promote healthy blood pressure. An easy solution that's fast-acting, Cardio Shield supports your commitment to heart health.

With all of the changes that need to occur in the body for optimal cardiovascular health, consumers might be surprised that the list of ingredients used in Cardio Shield is plant-based and natural. This formula includes the following:

Vitamin C
Vitamin B12
Hawthorn leaf and flower
Garlic bulb
Olive leaf
Hibiscus flower
Buchu leaf
Uva Ursi leaf
Juniper berry
Green tea leaf
While the vitamins and minerals are included independently, the rest of these ingredients are combined into a proprietary blend that accounts for about two-thirds of the formula. Read on below to learn more about how these ingredients interact in the body.

Vitamin C
Vitamin C is one of the most well-known antioxidants in the world. Its support can protect consumers from the dangers of free radical exposure, which directly affect the risk of heart disease and cancer. Free radicals can accumulate due to food, UV exposure, or environmental toxins. Vitamin C also helps consumers absorb more iron necessary for healthy red blood cells.

Niacin, or vitamin B3, has many ways that it impacts the body as an essential daily vitamin. It can improve brain function and regulate how much fat is in the blood. Its effect on high blood pressure is probably the reason that it is included in this formula in the first place, though it also helps in the treatment of type 1 diabetes.

Folate, or vitamin B9, is often a forgotten nutrient because many people focus on how it affects a fetus during pregnancy. However, the human body still requires it daily to support red blood cell formation and healthy cell growth. It can easily be found in dark leafy vegetables, peas, nuts, and beans.

Vitamin B12
Vitamin B12 is primarily used to maintain the health of blood and nerve cells. It is a crucial component in creating DNA, and it can reduce the risk of a blood condition known as megaloblastic anemia. Vitamin B12 is known for its boost to energy levels, helping to reduce mental and physical fatigue.

Hawthorn Leaf and Flower
Hawthorn is one of the most reliable remedies against heart disease, helping consumers reduce their high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Based on multiple studies on humans and animals, this plant promotes better blood flow and circulation. It also can be used as a topical treatment for sores and boils on the skin.

Garlic Bulb
Garlic is one of the oldest health remedies, improving the immune system's performance while lowering high blood pressure. It reduces cholesterol and protects users from developing cancer. The antibiotic properties are the reason that many people use it nowadays. Its profound effect on improving health is why so many people say they use it for the common cold.

Olive Leaf
Olive leaf comes from the olive plant, and it is a natural treatment for many health issues, including hypertension and diabetes. Using olive leaves can help consumers to reduce inflammation and treat infections, thanks to the natural presence of oleuropein. Oleuropein provides the body with antioxidant benefits, which is why it is so effective for heart health and soothing swelling.

Hibiscus Flower
Hibiscus flowers are often used to prepare a red tea that fills the body with antioxidants and helps with many concerns, including weight loss and high blood pressure. This ingredient is a supporter of the liver, and it is directly associated with anticancer and antibacterial benefits. Though it is available within a capsule in this formula, it is quite delectable in its natural state.

Buchu Leaf
Buchu leaf has been found in traditional medicine for years, thanks to its natural ability to soothe inflammation. With this powerful effect, it is usually used to help with urinary tract infections and similar ailments. It can also work as a stomach tonic, a diuretic, and a remedy for yeast infections. According to recent research, this ingredient is also beneficial for treating gout, cystitis, and prostatitis.

Uva Ursi Leaf
Uva Ursi leaf, also known as Bearberry, provides consumers with astringent benefits because of its natural tannins. It helps the body to shrink mucus membranes, which inherently reduces inflammation. It is a natural remedy for urinary tract infections or bladder inflammation. Some consumers use it to naturally treat issues like kidney stones, bladder stones, and dysuria.

Juniper Berry
Juniper berries can help consumers reduce inflammation with their potent antioxidant support. The extract is often used to fight against diabetes and arthritis but also works as a diuretic. The antioxidants' nourishment helps consumers fight against gastrointestinal and autoimmune disorders, though it is not a cure. Some people use these berries to help them relax and sleep.

Green Tea Leaf
Green tea is one of the most effective remedies for improving overall wellness. With the natural presence of bioactive compounds, green tea can be used for better brain function, weight loss, and a healthy heart. It reduces the severity of type 2 diabetes, and it can reduce inflammation in the skin. Plus, it reduces mental and physical fatigue, even when it is consumed in its natural state.

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