AudiVax Supplement
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AudiVax Supplement

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AudiVax is a natural solution for hearing problems. The formula features natural ingredients that will work better than anything other companies provide.

AudiVax is unique from other products because it primarily goes to the root of the problem. To achieve this, it uses numerous ingredients, including:

 - Rhodiola – Found in the colder areas of Europe & Asia, rhodiola is a root that has been used in traditional medicine for centuries. It is thought to minimize inflammation in the nervous system, helping hearing happen. Rhodiola was often used to combat fatigue & anxiety.
- Lemon Balm – According to AudiVax, they source over-ripe lemons to help increase the oxygen level in the eardrums. Lemon Balm is also the name of a plant in the mint family used in traditional herbal medicine to help fight infection and stress and as a mild sedative.
- Hawthorn – Scientific studies on human beings and animals show that hawthorn enhances circulation, improves coronary artery blood flow, and reduces blood pressure. Health experts know that blood flow is essential for hearing, making this herb a vital ingredient of the Audivax supplement.