Revifol Hair Regrowth Review - Revital Capsule Ingredients

revifol hair regrowth review

What Is Revifol?

Revifol is a hair regrowth formula that contains natural compounds, largely unknown and unsung. These natural ingredients start regrowing your hair virtually within hours of taking the supplement.
revifol hair regrowth review
How Does Revifol Work?

The root cause of hair loss is DHT, a steroid and a compound of your testosterone. As you age, your system converts more and more of your testosterone into DHT.

DHT is very detrimental to your hair’s health as it clogs up the hair follicles, stopping hair from growing. It also kills your hair follicles completely.

The main cause for the increase of DHT in your system is an enzyme called 5-ARD, the levels of which increase as you age, pushing up DHT levels too.

Now, if your body has to suppress this enzyme’s secretion, it requires certain vitamins and minerals in the right proportions.

This is how Revifol helps. It contains the perfectly balanced minerals and vitamins, including Biotin, required by your system to inhibit 5-ARD, which has a cascading effect on your DHT levels to reverse hair loss.

Revifol is an all-natural solution to hair loss, and it has been manufactured, keeping in sight the results thrown up by a seminal study, conducted on a large sample of people from different countries. It showed that hair loss occurs not because of just genetics or other factors like lifestyle and stress levels, but because of geography. The scientists found that high levels of DHT are responsible for hair loss, and the higher your DHT levels, the more the chances of you going bald.

The study also noted that 5-ARD increases as you get older. But, the consumption of increased amounts of minerals and vitamins inhibits the production of 5-ARD.

Revifol Ingredients:

    Vitamin C
    Pantothenic acid
    Zinc Citrate
    Vitamin E and B6
    Manganese Gluconate

How Soon Can I See The Results With Revifol?

This is a tricky question. You must use up two bottles at least to see the first shoots of hair on your hairless scalp. It will allow your hair follicles to de-clog and reverse the damage caused due to DHT. The manufacturers recommend at least four bottles to supercharge your hair growth and make you immune to the ravages of increased DHT levels over time. Lowering your DHT levels will also help you nix constant fatigue, low sex drive, and that enlarged prostate.

Is Revifol Safe?

Yes. This super hair-gain formula has been created using pure and natural ingredients that have no damaging side-effects, even in people who have a variety of common allergies. This is because the quantities of the ingredients used for formulating Revifol are kept below the allergy-triggering levels.

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